Social Responsibility and Sustainability

At GC Rieber, we are keen to take active social responsibility. We wish to contribute to sustainable and long-term development within the areas and industries in which we operate.

Giving back to society in life has been important to GC Rieber ever since its inception over 140 years ago. As early as 1929, the first GC Rieber Fund was established to contribute to the local community in its hometown Bergen. Over time, several funds have been established, and today, The GC Rieber Foundation has become the largest individual shareholder in the GC Rieber Group.

Innovation and sustainability are also central concepts in our business model. To survive and contribute to a sustainable future, it will be necessary to contribute to sustainable development within the areas where we have experience and expertise. At GC Rieber, we have companies in very different industries. We believe that each company should contribute to the areas where they have the best conditions for creating change.

UN Global Compact

Since 2010, GC Rieber has been a member of the UN initiative UN Global Compact – the world’s largest initiative for corporate social responsibility.

AS part of this initiative, we have committed to working actively to include the UN Global Compact’s ten principles in our business model. In addition, we will promote the principles to our partners and report on our activities and improvements linked to the ten principles.

Four main topics of the UN Global Compact

  • Labor Rights
  • Human Rights
  • Environment
  • Anti-Corruption
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Human rights and decent working conditions

All companies have a responsibility to work actively for human rights and decent working conditions. At GC Rieber, we do this through our role as an employer, and through our influence as a buyer.

The Group’s ethical guidelines apply to all our employees. Here, human rights and decent working conditions are central themes. We have also implemented measures to prevent and reduce the extent of possible breaches.

Since the introduction of the Openness Act, we have taken new steps to improve our efforts. Our focus has been closer follow-up of supply chains and business partners. The aim of these measures is to systematize the work for human rights and decent working conditions.

An account of due diligence assessments in Norwegian has been published on our Norwegian website. Accounts of due diligence from our daughter companies are available on their individual websites.