Let’s talk
about salt

Have you thought about the importance of salt?

Most of us use salt. Whether it is table salt or road salt, salt is a product that is part of our everyday lives. Other areas of use are fisheries, industry, oil and medicine. In addition to this, salt and salt-like minerals can be used to bind dust and  increase air quality in cities and industrial areas.

At GC Rieber Salt, we are involved in the entire value chain, from the production of salt to purchasing, transport, storage/handling and delivery to customers. One of our goals, in this process, is to reduce our climate footprint as much as possible.

Sustainability is an important focus area for GC Rieber Salt and our goal is to be the most sustainable salt supplier in the Nordic countries. One example of this commitment is that GC Rieber Salt is the first supplier in the Nordics to issue EPDs for sea salt and rock salt.

In addition, the we are constantly exploring new solutions. Our investment in circular salts made from the residual product fly ash is a good example of this.

In GC Rieber Salt, you can work in:

  • Warehouse operation
  • Logistics
  • Economy
  • Sourcing
  • Sales and Marketing
  • HSE
  • Sustainability
  • IT