From project to maintenance

Do you want to help raise the standard for sustainable property development?

GC Rieber Eiendom works with property from A to Z. The company invests heavily in sustainable area development and the goal is to create areas where people will thrive.

One of the things that makes GC Rieber Eiendom a leading player in its industry, is their ability to think ahead and adopt innovative solutions. This can be seen, among other things, in how they use alternative materials and other innovative solutions to ensure a low climate footprint throughout the lifetime of their buildings.

Creating a stimulating environment for both customers and other people using GC Rieber’s properties is very important to the company. Initiating and facilitating interaction between companies with complementary skills is important for the company. Both the Innovation District in Solheimsviken and the Marine Cluster on Marineholmen are examples of this has been done.

Customer satisfaction is very important to GC Rieber Eiendom, and the company’s operations department has an important task conducting the day-to-day operations. The close contact between the company and the tenants is an important part of the company’s business model and has been decisive for GC Rieber Eiendom 10 years in a row winning the brand survey “Eiendomsbarometeret”.

In GC Rieber Eiendom, you can work with:

  • Project planning and development
  • Customer relations and marketing
  • Business support
  • Operation and management