Ownership GC Rieber, Illustration: Alf Gundersen


GC Rieber has three main categories of owners

Private holding companies

50% of the company is owned by private companies::

  • AS Odin
  • AS Javipa

Private shareholders

30% of the company is owned by almost 200 private shareholders, predominantly family and employees.

The GC Rieber Funds

The Rieber family has been making an impact on the corporation's philosophy and business practices since the very beginning. Taking the view that we must all contribute to the greater good, Gottlieb Christian Rieber and Emma Rieber set up a charitable fund in 1929. This was the predecessor of the GC Rieber Funds, which currently own 20% of GC Rieber. The funds support a wide range of projects and activities relating to social welfare, arts and science. 

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