About us

GC Rieber is a privately owned company exercising proactive and long-term ownership of a number of enterprises in the areas of industry. Our vision is Creating Joint Futures and we aim to achieve this both commercially and for the greater good.

GC Rieber takes a hands-on approach to business. Thorough customer understanding, market-leading expertise and innovative deliveries of a high quality are key to everything we do.

We have a global perspective of our operations. A clear value base and a common corporate culture form the basis for proactive social responsibility and sustainability at all levels of the organisation.

GC Rieber operates primarily in the B2B market and has an annual turnover of around NOK 2 billion.

A family business
The company's founder, Gottlieb Christian Rieber, started his first business in Schrødergården in Bergen in 1879. Over four generations the corporation has developed in step with its customers' demands and needs, ranging from trading in skins and furs to investing in industry, shipping and property. Our 14 business principles have always remained the foundation for the company's operations and development.

The GC Rieber Foundations
Our promise is to create value. 20% of the corporation is owned by the GC Rieber Foundations, which makes donations to social welfare, research, arts and outdoor life. This means that 1/5 of the value we create benefits wider society.

Map and compass

Vision and values

Creating Joint Futures is our vision and goal for the future. We work to ahieve this by the use of our three values: creativity, diligence and responsibility.


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Embellishment in Solheimsviken, Bergen

CSR and Sustainability

At GC Rieber, we believe in social responsibility and sustainable development within our entire business operation. We believe that companies can better support international sustainability programs by actively using their know-how and competence to drive economic, environmental and social development through own initiatives and efforts.

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GC Rieber was founded in 1879


The GC Rieber Group has since the beginning in 1879 been developed through four generations, both through partnerships and acquisitions. The company hold the name of its founder, Gottlieb Christian Rieber, who started the first store in Bergen. 140 years later we are 500 employees worldwide. 

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Paul Christian Rieber in our reconstruction Schrødergården, the location of our first business.

Business Principles

GC Rieber’s activities have always been based on the business principles of our founder. These have been added to by each new generation.

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Leadership Principles

Our leaders are inclusive, straightforward and results-driven, and you will be working closely with decision-makers. You will be part of a unique in-house network made up of many highly-skilled specialists. There are excellent opportunities to learn and develop new skills. You will be able to convert your knowledge and ideas into visible results, both locally and internationally. GC Rieber is an organisation where we take responsibility – for our customers, wider society, the environment, and each other.

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Marineholmen mood

Privacy Policy

Privacy is important to us, and we want all customers, employees and other users of our website to rest assured that their personal data is kept safe.

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coffee break Solheimsviken

Cookies and Scripts

The GC Rieber website uses cookies to improve the user experience. When using our website, you consent to the use of cookies as described in this document. 

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