The entrance to the office at Capricorn Business and Technology Park

Progress at GC Rieber Compact South Africa

Construction of the new 1900 m² production GC Rieber Compact South Africa has established in Cape Town, is finished.

The company is formed initially to produce so-called therapeutic food ( RUTF - ready-to -use therapeutic foods ) to be distributed via the Group export channels. Other product types will come eventually. At the same time the company will develop and expand local market opportunities in southern Africa.

The new facility is GC Rieber first investment in southern Africa and is part of a larger strategy to expand the Group's presence in the region. The purpose is to build a world class RUTF facility and during the planning it has been drawn on the group experiences and resources in Norway and India.

Leader of the project is CEO Guy Baxter, and he has with him microbiologist Lee -Ann Russell as quality assurance manager and Cameron Gray as production manager. To begin with, there will be 15 employees, more will be recruited as production volumes increase.

The new premises of GC Rieber Compact South Africa is located in the wonderful technology park Capricorn south of Cape Town. Immediate proximity to major transport routes also provides easy access to the city's port and airport. The plan is to export the goods from the production plant through shipping routes along East and West Africa.