Polar Marquis

Polar Marquis in operation

Our seismic research vessel Polar Marquis is back in service after a major upgrade that was completed in mid-May 2014. 

The Polar Marquis has been rebuilt for the third time! It was delivered to GC Rieber Shipping as a newbuild in the year 2000 with the name Polar King before being rebuilt as a cable layer and renamed Oceanic King in 2001. It was rebuilt again in 2006 as a seismic vessel and renamed Geo Atlantic, and now finally upgraded to a 14 streamers 3D seismic vessel and renamed Polar Marquis.

The recent upgrade was done at the Sembawang shipyard in Singapore, and the 6-month yard stay has been challenging period for both our project team and vessel crew. We have upgraded the vessel’s main propulsion systems, including an additional engine room with two new auxiliary engines, new main propellers, new gears and an electrical boost drive and automation system which increase the vessel’s overall propulsion redundancy and towing capacity (its bollard pull) to around 220+ tonnes.

For the seismic arrangement we have renewed the complete upper aft deck structure with new towing points (14), opened the vessel amidships and installed two new double streamer winches, added major barovanes of size Baro412 for the wide tow system and made a general seismic equipment upgrade.

The Polar Marquis departed Singapore on 23 May 2014 destined for the Black Sea to conduct a 14 streamers survey for Dolphin Geophysical and its end client Rosneft off the coast of Sochi in Russia.

The survey went well and was completed by 17 August 2014 after successfully towing a record 14 streamer configuration of 14 x 100m x 6,000 m – one of only 3 surveys ever conducted at this configuration, according to our client Dolphin Geophysical.

The Polar Marquis with its powerful 220+ tonnes of bollard pull was able to achieve a 5-knot acquisition speed on this record large configuration, using only 70 percent of the available propulsion.

The Polar Marquis will now continue its work for Dolphin Geophysical conducting a seismic survey off the coast of Kenya in East Africa to be completed in December 2014.