Opening ceremony - new facilities at GC Rieber Compact India

"Make in India"

GC Rieber Compact opened last week new and expanded manufacturing facilities in Guargon, India. The initiative is worth $ 3.6 million and will triple capacity by 6500 tons nutrition products per year. Norway´s official website of India comments that this is a strong contribution to "Make in India".

"We are very proud to inaugurate the new state of the art technology at GC Rieber Compact in India. It is our biggest investment in India so far," Paul-Christian Rieber, CEO of GC Rieber, told the audience during the opening ceremony.

With increased capacity, GC Rieber Compact can offer more nutrition products to people affected by acute and moderate malnutrition. The contents of each product is tailored to different degrees of severity in children and adults.

In India, malnutrition is a major problem. Rapid Survey on Children (RSoC) shows that 38.7% of all children are stunted, 29.4% are underweight for age and 15% are underweight relative to height.

We congratulates the 72 employees in Guargon with new facilities, which is a result of good teamwork between India and Norway!



Photo: MFA Norge (Opening ceremony) and GC Rieber (Some of the members in the team).