GC Rieber Oils in Kristiansund

GC Rieber Oils increases production capacity

The June 26th 2015 the Board of GC Rieber approved an investment of close to 70 million Norwegian kroner in GC Rieber Oils.

The funds will be used primarily to purchase additional high-tech production units. Sales figures show that Omega-3 products from Kristiansund are in high demand, and the new investment is expected to increase production capacity with approximately 50%.

Jan Roger Bjerkestrand, CEO of GC Rieber Oils, is very pleased. “As a result of strategic, long-term investments in competence and quality, we are today very well-positioned to take further shares in the global market for marine Omega-3 products. The new funding enables us to increase our future production capacity in order to provide larger volumes of consistently high quality to our international customers.”

The expansion of the production plant is expected to be finalized in May 2016, and represents an important step in the company’s strategic focus on ultra-concentrates. “Increased capacity is a prerequisite for geographic expansion and strategic innovation”, says Bjerkestrand. According to market analyses, the global Omega-3 market has significant growth potential particularly in Asia and within the pharma- and healthcare segment. “This segment is extremely demanding with regards to expertise and quality. We therefore see it as a clear competitive advantage to produce in Norway where we have access to expert competence and are used to operating under one of the strictest quality regimes in the world”. He also points out that the company has undergone major restructurings in order to improve cost effectiveness. “Through investments in know-how and technology, we are able to produce with significantly lower headcounts per unit than most of our competitors”, he explains.

After a well-deserved summer break, the team in Kristiansund will start with the implementation of the expansion plans. “Our whole organization will have to stay extremely focused to take this next step”, says Bjerkestrand, and emphasizes that everyone at GC Rieber Oils is well prepared. “Fortunately we’ve become pretty good at uphill runs”, he laughs.