GC Rieber Distribution with Hayduk

GC Rieber Oils / Fish Oil distribution agreement with peruvian Hayduk

December 6th, GC Rieber Oils signed the contract for cooperation with Pesquera Hayduk S.A. (Hayduk) regarding distribution of fish oil from Peru in Norway and Northern Europe. The partnership will be exercised through the newly established company, GC Rieber Distribution AS.

Hayduk is one of the largest fish oil producers in Peru and a Peruvian family fishing company. The main activity is fishing with a fleet of 19 boats, five production plants for fish oil, flour and canned food factories, as well as production and sale of various fish products for direct human consumption in Peru.

All fish oil that GC Rieber Oils buys from Peru will go through GC Rieber Distribution, who will have priority on all oil Hayduk produces. The oil will be bought in large consignments, transported and stored in tanks in Kristiansund which GC Rieber Distribution rents of GC Rieber Oils. Typically, this happens twice a year in conjunction with the seasons for the main fishing in Peru. For customers who want to semi-refining fish oil, GC Rieber Distribution rent this service in addition to administrative services, as well as lab services from GC Rieber Oils. The oil is delivered to customers in smaller amount through a period of a year or longer.

Photo: From the signing of the agreement at the headquarters of Hayduk in Lima. From left: Diego José Balarezo Martinelli (commercial director, Hayduk) Mildos Martínez Moreno (shareholder, Hayduk), Walter Martínez Moreno (main shareholder and chairman, Hayduk), Paul-Christian Rieber (chairman GC Rieber Oils) and  Jan Roger Bjerkestrand (director GC Rieber Oils and CEO of GC Rieber Distribution and GC Rieber Oils).