Photo: Hasselø

Environmental certification

GC Rieber is now the proud holder of the industry's most prominent certificates for sustainable ingredients. 

On Monday 8 September it was announced that GC Rieber Oils AS has been certified as a Friend of the Sea – an approved supplier of Omega-3 fish oil concentrates. This is the second environmental certification awarded to the company in 2014 and an important part of the company's strategy for sustainable and traceable trading in fish oils for human consumption.

The fish oil industry continues to evolve, and customers have become much more demanding in terms of documenting the origin of the oils in recent years. This is a positive trend as far as GC Rieber Oils is concerned. Since the opening of its new concentrates factory in 2010 the company has exclusively bought its ingredients from approved fisheries in Peru, Chile, Morocco and Norway.

“Sustainable and traceable ingredients have been a key priority for GC Rieber Oils for many years,” says CEO Jan Roger Bjerkestrand. “The new certifications are clear proof of our engagement and obligations in relation to important environmental issues.”

In addition to the new Friend of the Sea certification, back in May GC Rieber Oils was also awarded an important environmental certification from IFFO RS – The Marine Ingredients Organisation. “We want to set an example with regard to the environment and sustainability, and with these two certificates in place we have taken a big step in the right direction,” says Jan Roger Bjerkestrand.