Key Figures

Key figures

GC Rieber is a group with a diverse portfolio of financial investments. Here you will find a selection that provides a quick insight into who we are.

Facts GC Rieber

  • GC Rieber is represented in 9 countries
  • GC Rieber Commercial Properties represents 33% of total assets in the group 
  • GC Rieber Industry represents 39% of sales in the group 
  • GC Rieber Commercial Properties manages 22 premises in Bergen
  • 500 000 tons of salt is sold annually by GC Rieber Salt 
  • GC Rieber Shipping operates 11 specialised vessels 
  • The group has 800 employees
  • 38 millioner units for treatment of acute and moderate malnutrition, was produced by GC Rieber Compact in 2013
  • GC Rieber Oils most concentrated Omega-3 oil contains 90% omega-3 
  • 20% of the corporation is owned by the GC Rieber Foundations

The ABCDEF rule – At Besidde Contanter Det Er Finessen – The art is to always have sufficient liquid assets. 


Key figures 2014 

Operating income NOK 2 008 mill.
Profit before tax NOK -45 mill. 
Total assets NOK 9 065 mill. 
Total equity NOK 4 010 mill. 
Return on total assets 2 %
Return on equity  -1 %
Equity ratio 44 %