The GC Rieber Management

Our executives are inclusive, straightforward and results-driven, and you will be working closely with the decision-makers. You will be part of a unique in-house network made up of a number of highly skilled specialists. The opportunities for learning and skills development are great for those who grasp the opportunity. You will be able to convert your knowledge and ideas into visible results, both locally and internationally. At GC Rieber you will be part of an organisation that takes responsibility – for its customers, wider society, the environment, and each other.

Leadership principles

Result oriented

GC Rieber managers achieve results through innovative thinking, clear objectives and follow-up.

This means:

  • GC Rieber managers are open for innovation and adjust their course of action if necessary 
  • GC Rieber managers convey clear objectives and generate a sense of belief in them 
  • GC Rieber managers follow up results and ensure they conform with the company’s basic values


GC Rieber managers show concern, build teams and include their co-workers.

This means:

  • GC Rieber managers care about idividuals
  • GC Rieber managers build teams, are inclusive and keep their co-workers informed 
  • GC Rieber managers involve co-workers in dealing with issues of importance to the individual


GC Rieber managers ensure unambiguous communication and provide clear feedback.

This means:

  • GC Rieber managers are consistent in their assessments and decisions
  • GC Rieber managers provide clear feedback and address all difficult issues 
  • GC Rieber managers use understandable language